Dear friends, all walks of life:

Welcome to GINOLR GROUP CT ELECTRIFICATION CO.,LTD. website. First, to visit the site and click on my friends say hello; secondly, to long-term concern and support development of the company and the community leaders at all levels to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues! To new and existing customers to extend my sincere greetings!


The GINOLR GROUP CT ELECTRIFICATION CO.,LTD. From the beginning of the small factory workshops developed into a set of operating capital, brand operations, industrial operations as one of the large enterprises. Each section of the company development process, all the staff members of condensation ej nur Group sweat and wisdom. Ej nur Group's development, thanks to the leadership at all levels and the community support, thanks to the joint efforts of all staff.


Currently The GINOLR GROUP CT ELECTRIFICATION CO.,LTD. development is still in an important stage of transformation and upgrading, is in the "butterfly cocoon" the critical period. We will firmly grasp the business development strategy, adhere to scientific development, determined to lead the world into the trend of high-tech industries or fields.


At this point, I hope the majority of employees through the website this window and learn ej nur, give full play to their wisdom, and businesses grow. Meanwhile, eager friends, as always, care, support GINOLR Group, work together for mutual benefit and common cause to create GINOLR Group brighter tomorrow!